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Booking Promo $25 per night for onsite dining

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Are you are planning on booking a trip to Snowshoe during winter, then you should stay at the Corduroy Inn and Lodge and receive $25 each day in dining credits. Book your winter stay through our website, and you will receive $25 dining credits to be used at any of our onsite dining options(APPALACHIA KITCHEN, TUQUE’S BAR AND GRILL, or THE PIZZA SLICE). Dining credit will be issued at $25 per room per day. During early and late winter, we rotate open restaurants on site, so not all options may be available simultaneously.

Book now through the end of our 2023 ski season.

*$25credit per day will be applied to your dining charges at our onsite restaurants. $25 credit does not apply to taxes and gratuity. Unused credit will be forfeited if not used during your stay (i.e. no refunds for unused credits). This offer cannot be combined with other Corduroy Inn offers. Some blackout dates may apply.

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Have you ever wondered how the trails at Snowshoe got their names?

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Many of the trail names used at Snowshoe are based on vocabulary from the industry that preceded skiing on Snowshoe Mountain, LOGGING. Logging was the dominant industry in the area during the early 1900s and Cheat Mountain (later renamed Snowshoe Mountain) was once home to the largest red spruce forest south of Maine and was extensively timbered by the West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company.

History of Cupp Run

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When Snowshoe Mountain was first developed in 1972/1973, Jean-Claude Killy was hired as the resort’s special advisor, tasked with designing a long steep trail on the western facing slopes, later to be named Cupp Run. If you don’t recognize the name Jean-Claude Killy, ask your parents, or if you’re young enough, ask your grandparents. Skiers and non-skiers alike from the late 60s would know the name, Jean-Claude Killy. He was the Michael Jordan of ski racing in those years. So who exactly is Jean-Claude Killy?

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