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We strive for an exceptional guest experience by offering the most efficient check-in process. We use secure digital keys delivered to your smartphone for room access as an alternative to physical keys or in addition to.

Mobile keys benefits:
  • Contactless check-in
  • Skip the line
  • Protection against physical key loss and de-magnetizing
  • Convenience of having your room key go everywhere your phone does.

A pre-check-in email will be sent to your inbox 24 hours before check-in. Please use the links in the email to download the app before arriving at the property. You will receive your mobile keys after 4 pm when your room is ready. If you are interested in early check-in, please call our front desk for availability and pricing details.

Getting Started with Mobile Key


1. Please take a moment to download the mobile key app on your smartphone.
This is your "Digital Key Jacket" where the key will be stored on your phone.

Download Mobile Key App


2. Follow the instructions within the app. Enable Bluetooth and Notifications for the best mobile key experience.

3. Turn on wifi calling:

  1. Go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling
  2. Follow the steps from your cellular carrier

4. Look for a text message letting you know your key is available.

5. Join our wifi network "Corduroy Guest".

6. Enjoy your stay!

I've checked in. What now?

To better understand the property, reference the mobile key app's map in "Hotel Information".

Directions on how to find hotel information can be found here.


Additional support for the openkey app can be found here.

Your mobile key will open the gate to access guest parking. The guest parking is located between the Corduroy Lodge and the Corduroy Inn and has uncovered and covered spots which are first come, first serve.

You will find a welcome packet in your room with (1) parking pass; additional parking passes may be purchasable, subject to availability. The parking pass is to be hung in your vehicle.

In the welcome packet, there are also breakfast vouchers per guest per night. Breakfast will be served from 8 AM to 10:30 AM in the 4th-floor ballroom in the Corduroy Lodge.

Your card on file will be authorized $75 for incidentals. This allows you to charge back to your room in any onsite restaurant.

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