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  • When Snowshoe Mountain was first developed in 1972/1973, Jean-Claude Killy was hired as the resort’s special advisor, tasked with designing a long steep trail on the western facing slopes, later to be named Cupp Run. If you don’t recognize the name Jean-Claude Killy, ask your parents, or if you’re young enough, ask your grandparents. Skiers and non-skiers alike from the late 60s would know the name, Jean-Claude Killy. He was the Michael Jordan of ski racing in those years. So who exactly is Jean-Claude Killy?

  • Snowshoe Mountain can get very crowded on weekends and holidays, especially in the main Basin area in front of the village and Corduroy Inn. Below are some tips to avoid waiting in long lift lines:

  • Many of the trail names used at Snowshoe are based on vocabulary from the industry that preceded skiing on Snowshoe Mountain, LOGGING. Logging was the dominant industry in the area during the early 1900s and Cheat Mountain (later renamed Snowshoe Mountain) was once home to the largest red spruce forest south of Maine and was extensively timbered by the West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company.

  • By David Billings, Owner, Corduroy Inn


    My daughter just turned 16 and is starting to drive. She is mature beyond her years and very responsible. I am not worried about her driving. However, like most parents, I am terrified of all the other crazy drivers on the road. It takes years of driving experience to become good “defensive” drivers, an experience that my daughter does not have yet. So for now, I hold my breath and say a little prayer every time my daughter leaves the house!

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